How to use CJUtil(color from google calendar)[CJユーティルの使い方]

How to set color of google calendar on your journal list view in the CloudJournal App.

Install CloudJournal (v2.6.7 and up) and launch it first so that a DB for optional functions
can be created.

Install CJUtil (v1.0.0 and up) and launch it.

input regist-key below(no square brackets and no white spaces).

registKey for Color from CloudDB function

[ CB4C04ACA7F68BB0C40DD1D643F036B89B9EA9C5F4B5B00B07D5FBE31A159A40 ]
(will be expired at Dec 31, 2028)

Note that nohing wll be registered through internet by doing this. Dont warry about it.

On CJUtil, select Menu-GcalColor so that the app. read color from DB for google calendar
and set color on DB for CloudJournal app.

On CloudJournal, check Menu-ColorOfCloud

Confirm color was changed on journal list view

CJUtil app. can be uninstalled from your device.  The functions and settings that youve activated wont be gone.

Enjoy it!